Fixed Price - Fixed price is used for jobs that you are paying a flat rate i.e. Mow my lawn $25

Hourly Rate - Hourly rate is best used when you know exactly how long a job will take i.e. Babysitter from 7pm to 11pm

Expenses - If your job requires the worker to buy something to complete your job, you can add that expense here.  It will be added to the total on top of the posted amount.


Payment method - Choose your preferred method of payment for the job your posting




Posting will make your job public and alert potential workers of its availability 

*NOTE: When your posting a job, your credit or debit card is required. However, the card will not be authorized until you have assigned the job to a worker or charged until the job is confirmed complete by you.

1. Authorization - Once You have Assigned your Job to a Worker, Band Of Hands will do an Authorization Only on your card.

2. Charge - Once the Job is Complete AND You have Approved the work, a charge will then be processed to your card and the worker will be paid as outlined in the terms and conditions.

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