What is Band of Hands?


Band Of Hands is the best solution to hiring Temporary Staff and Independent Contractors! As many businesses are facing Worker Misclassification lawsuits everyday, the Band Of Hands platform has Nationally deployed software that allows Subscribers access to W-2 Workers at Payrolling Rates. By utilizing a SaaS subscription model, we offer the economic solution to the traditional 45-100% markup on the Workers wages, which the Temp Staffing industry has done for decades. All W-2 Workers are classified as employees of a third party Employer of Record and are available to work short or long term to fill your Contingent and Temp Staffing needs.

Upon your successful membership signup, businesses receive access to W-2 Workers at industry low rates, typically 18-36% depending on the job classification. Our platform gives companies that need Temp and Contract Workers more flexibility in hiring, less contracts, paperwork and hassle, which results in significant savings to their bottom lines. Based on the number of hours used in a particular month, the Member is charged only for the amount of hours used.

The "Try before you buy" feature gives Companies huge savings with On-Boarding and Off-Boarding costs. Start saving money on staffing by choosing one of the Subscription Plans by clicking here: 

The Band Of Hands platform also allows businesses to hire 1099 Independent Contractors if their situation warrants. Once the Company membership is activated, you are given the opportunity to post W-2 or 1099 Work. If 1099 jobs are posted, there is a 3% service fee added to the job price.  At the completion of the job the Worker will submit an invoice to the Business, who can add a tip to the Worker for a job well done.


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