Filling out your profile

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 To increase your chances of getting hired for a job and to make sure that you're paid on time after completing your first job, you must complete your profile.


1. Navigate to the profile icon at the bottom right of the app.

2. Tap the Pencil in the top right corner to edit the following:

  • Profile Photos
  • Background photo
  • Description - Write a description about yourself and your skills. Potential Project Owners will read this information to assist in their selection decisions
  • Skills - Choose skills from the list or use other words that best describe you and your abilities.
  • Reviews - All Reviews you have written or received are found here.
  • Portfolio - Add any photos that would reflect your skills.



3. Edit your payment settings

  • Billing - Change Credit card information and banking information here
  • Password - Change or reset passwords here
  • Notifications - Set/edit how to be notified and what methods you prefer 
  • Organization - Select the organization that referred you to Band Of Hands
  • Alerts - Enable the type of alerts you want to receive on new job posts
  • Background Check - Run a self background check on yourself to increase your chances of getting hired.



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