I posted a job, now what?

Right after you post an In-Person job, immediate alerts go to potential Workers who selected your category of work and geographic area. The alerts go to the possible Worker's cell phones and/or emails if they signed up to receive them.

When someone is interested in applying for your job, they will click the "Apply" button within the job details of your Post. They may also tag you with comments and questions. 

Job Posters will receive immediate alerts and notifications when potential applicants apply and comment to their job posting. The job Poster can analyze the Worker reviews from prior jobs and reply to any comments and questions right within the Job details.  When a good fit for the job is found, the Poster can hire the potential Worker(s) using their mobile phone app or on the website. However, Posters are under no obligation to hire a Worker on the Band of Hands sites.

Some of the alerts and notifications a Poster of a job may see is:

Notification to Phone and Email

Email detail of application received





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