Safety tips for workers

Band Of Hands primary concern is for the safety of our Workers and Posters.  

In creating our open platform, we allow you to make informed decisions as to whom you will work with at any given time.  We are constantly trying to make our platform more robust and secure. This, however, does not replace good security practices, common sense and personal privacy.


  • Please read all available reviews and ratings as a Poster and Worker. Ask questions using our tagging feature in the comment section (@Name)
  • Communicate as much as possible with your potential Worker/Poster in the commenting section to insure the least amount of misunderstandings
  • Ask for ID when your worker shows up to insure its the person you are expecting
  • Do Not exchange personal details, i.e. email, cell phone number 
  • Meet in public places if possible
  • Try to not meet for the first time alone, if you need to, then in public is best

Although we have a robust platform, user reviews and ratings, a strong and secure payment partner (Level 1 - PCI Compliance), profiles and great communication platform, this should NOT be a replacement for common sense and personal security. Be safe and when in doubt, don't.  


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