How do expenses work?

Band Of Hands recognizes that posted jobs may have added expenses, such as supplies, dry cleaning bills, groceries, and other incidentals. Some of the costs of the expenses may be unknown at the time of the job posting.

First, a Job Owner or Poster determines the price of the job and whether it will be an hourly or fixed rate. They fill in the rate and toggle whether it is hourly or fixed.

If expenses are anticipated, the estimated amount is placed in the expense box, which will be added to the price of the job.

Note: Band of Hands will assess the 15% service fee only on the Job rate and not the total price of the Job that includes expenses.  


Once the Job has been completed, the Worker will be able to include the incurred expenses in the Invoice. The Worker can attach copies of the actual receipts for the Poster to view in finalizing the payment to the Worker. The attachments can be .jpg or PDF files.

Please note that expenses are for the entire job and not per Worker. If the Poster is hiring multiple Workers, who may have multiple expenses, it is best to include the expenses as a tip per Worker when finalizing payments.



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