How can I be sure I will be paid when I finish my job?

On the Band Of Hands platform, the Project Owner will have an automatic pre-authorization performed on their card at the time they assign the job to a worker(s). The amount placed on hold is for the total of the job. The estimated hours times the hourly rate is calculated and a hold is placed on your card.

Once the work is finished, the Worker will invoice the Project Owner by clicking "Complete" on the Job Details and filling out the final hours and expenses. The Project Owner is immediately notified and has up to five days to approve the invoice and release the held money to the Worker. Band of Hands reminds the Project Owner to approve payment of the completed work as well. After (5) days, and if no dispute has been registered by the Project Owner, the funds will be released and put into the payment process for the Worker.

The Worker will also be able to review the Project Owner so if a Project Owner is late in paying, this history will be on their Profile, which may impact others wanting to work for them in future.

For additional information, see our Terms of Service and How To Post Jobs. 

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