How do I know how much to pay for my job?

There are no set rules, but first consider the complexity of the job and amount of time it will require. Calculating a reasonable rate can be based on averages in your service area. Keep in mind that rates vary from city to city and region to region. For a better sense of the going rate in your area, Browse other postings in our Categories section. Here are three other steps that may help: 

Step 1

Consider the skills and experience required of your job to determine an hourly rate. This may vary, even within specific categories.  For instance, a sous chef job requires fewer skills than a master chef position.


Step 2 

If you have a set budget and the flexibility to let Workers complete the job at their own pace, you might want to consider Fixed Price instead of Hourly Rate. Good examples are mowing a lawn or painting a room.

Also note: the rate you set in your post is a starting point. Project Owners and Workers can negotiate within the Comments section of a job posting to reach a mutually agreeable rate.



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