How should I price a 1099 job?

There are no set rules, but first consider the complexity of the job and amount of time it will require.

Calculating a reasonable rate can be based on averages in your market area. Keep in mind that rates vary between cities and regions. For a better sense of the going rate in your area, Browse other postings in our Categories section. Keep the following in mind when setting your rate:

  • Will the worker be making at least minimum wage? 
  • What type of skills are you requiring of the worker ?
  • Depending on the number of hours you need, be sure the job is commensurate with the effort and time that is required of the Worker.
  • Are you needing more complex skills? If so, you may want to consider setting a higher hourly rate.

Also note: The hourly rate you set in your post can be a starting point for negotiation in some cases. Companies and Workers can make Comments in a job posting to reach a mutually agreeable rate if warranted. However, the job may need to be re-posted as the hourly rate is not editable in current versions. 



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