The Company Dashboard is the default navigating area after logging into your Band of Hands account. You are able to see:

My Posts: Jobs you have Posted. They are listed within the status category of the jobs such as Open, In Progress and Complete.

If you want to get more details on specific jobs, simply click on one of the status categories of jobs such as Open and In Progress. The jobs within each category will appear with the most recent jobs listed first. You are able to filter the jobs as needed for ease of viewing.

Payments:  This section lists items such as Hours submitted by the W-2 Workers that may need approval or Invoices submitted by 1099 Workers that need approvals for payment. Some of these actionable items will also appear in your Alerts as well. 

Alerts:  Find all Notifications + Alerts includes comments from potential applicants, payments needs approvals and more.

Company Reps: This area allows Administrators to add authorized Users or Representatives to the Company account. The new Users email address will be required for this access. 







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