When is my card charged?

When you are posting a job, a credit or debit card is required. Once you have assigned the job to a worker, the card on file will be pre-authorized or have funds held for the price of that job.  This will be a two-step process:

1. Authorization - Once you have Assigned your Job to a Worker, Band Of Hands will obtain an Authorization Only on your card. This hold authorization stays on the card for seven days, whether you cancel the job or not.

2. Charge - Once the Job is marked Complete by the Worker, you will receive notification to approve the work and final amount. Our payment provider will disburse the funds to the worker according to the Terms and Conditions on payments.

Note: The Worker that was hired for the job will mark it complete when finished. The Poster has five days to approve and final the payment. On the fifth day, if no dispute has been registered, the card will be charged for the posted price.

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