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You'll notice that there are two ways to look for jobs in the Band Of Hands App - List + Map. The List tab gives a quick view of the jobs that match your selected criteria. 

To get started, navigate to the List tab located just under the Search bar at the top of the app. 

Scroll upwards to see all jobs posted. In this view, you can also quickly see who is posting the job, the job title, price of the job, brief description, number of applicants required, and the number of comments.  The colored line on the left side denotes the Category of the job.  

Tap on the picture and see the Poster Profile.  This is a good way to get to know the Poster of the Job.




In the top left of the Map or List View, sort Jobs by:

  • Newest
  • Oldest
  • Highest Price
  • Lowest Price
  • Distance



Tap the Directional Arrow to auto zoom to your current location.  Pinch to zoom in or out.  



Jobs can easily be searched by Key Words, Categories, City and Zip Code.  


Tap the cog icon in the right corner to filter between:

  • Change distance RANGE or MILES of your search
  • TYPE of Job, either Online or In-Person
  • STATUS of Jobs, such as Open, In Progress or Complete
  • Add or Change CATEGORIES

Tap < SAVE in top left to continue



Use the Ellipsis to:

  • Get HELP



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