Can I communicate with a potential Worker or the Poster?

We encourage open dialogue between the Poster and Worker. However, for safety, security and proprietary reasons, the Band of Hands platform is designed to have communication within the mobile app and website only. 

There are several methods to keep the communication flowing quickly between Posters and Workers, such as tagging comments within a job posting, and immediate alerts and notifications to cell phones and registered emails.

Band of Hands has a Privacy Policy that outlines this in more detail but for the safety of all involved with Posting and Accepting work, there has to be a transparent system in place for quality assurance purposes.

A Job Posting has a comment section that is open to ALL applicants and the Poster until Worker(s) are selected for the Job. Once the Worker(s) have been selected, the comments are closed and limited thereafter to Poster and Worker. To tag a Poster or Worker:



1. Navigate down to the bottom of the job posting. You'll find a comments box.


2. Tap in the comment box and either write out your comment to all applicants or specify who the comment its towards by simply tagging them. To tag an applicant type "@" followed by their name.


3. After you tag an applicant, you can then complete your comment. It's important to note that every comment is public until you've hired someone for the job.


Comments can also be sent using the people icon as follows:

Following Tag People frame appears.


Names appear below search box. Tap on indicated name.

The person's name will appear in the comment box, where you can type your comments right after their name.





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