Whats the best way to insure my job gets done?

The Band Of Hands platform was designed and built to give you the power to Post or Accept work in the palm of your hand. This robust technology is quick, easy to use, and allows people to get in touch with others using our mobile app, website or both. 

In order to be effective for both Posters and Workers, it is important that an open and fair dialogue is created at the onset of any Job post. This also includes being professional and treating others as you want to be treated. Positive, encouraging and direct responses on both sides of the equation produces success for all involved.

Both Poster and Worker agree to act with good faith and fair dealing in carrying out a Job.

We have found that Workers respond quickly, effectively and professionally to Posters as, for the most part, they want good reviews and future work. Set realistic and achievable timelines for your job, setting Workers up for success and not failure. 

Setting a fair price for the job is also a top priority for Workers. If they feel used or see low fees are being paid, the motivation to come back is low. Chances are they will also do a poor quality job as they internalize the amount of money they are potentially losing by working for you.

Depending on the job, consider giving tips to Workers. Although this is not a requirement of any Poster, it is important to reward people for a Job well-done. The Band Of Hands platform has the availability for the Poster to tip the Worker when approving payment for the Worker.

And lastly, be prompt in making the payment to the Worker when they have notified you the Job is complete. Your review as the Poster and their review as the Worker is important for future people looking at your profile. Positive ratings will insure your jobs get done! 



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