How to Post Jobs

Posting a job on the Band Of Hands Website is pretty simple and just takes a few minutes to create. Follow this guide to help a seamless first job post.


1.) Job Title - Create a title for your job posting.

2.) Select Category - Choose the Category that best fits your job. If unsure, use "Other".

3.) Workers Needed - Select the number of works you need to complete your job. You can Post a job for 1-5,000 workers.

4.) Job Description - Provide as many details as possible about your job. Do you have any requirements for the worker? Then list it here! This will help the worker determine if they are the best fit.





If the Job needs to be done In-person, click the button to indicate this requirement. The find location box will appear below. You will need to input an address of your job to let workers know where they need to go. Keep in mind that the address will be hidden until you've hired your workers. 

Note: You can start typing an address which will give you options to select the address based on GPS Maps. A Location will need to be selected before clicking Next.

1.) Set the Start By Date - Determine when you want this job started by. Maybe you're flexible and a worker can complete it when they can. If that's the case, enter in today's date.

2.) Estimated Days - How many days do you think this job will take? Enter in the Estimated Duration of days here.

3.) Job Location - Choose whether this job needs to be done In-Person or has the capability of being done remotely by selecting Online


If your job can be completed remotely or via the internet, then Click the button to the left, which will turn blue. Note: When you select Online Job, the Find Location section will close.







 1.) Determine the hourly rate for your job.

2.) Post. Posting will make your job public and alert potential workers of its availability. If the job was set as an Online job, users will not be notified.


*NOTE: When you post a job, your credit or debit card is required to be on file in your Account Settings. The card will not be authorized until you have assigned the job to a worker or charged until the job is confirmed completed by you.

1. Charge - Once the Job is Complete AND You have Approved the work, a charge will then be processed to your card and the worker will be paid as outlined in the terms of service.



Once the job has posted, potential Workers and the Project Owner can make comments, add attachments such as resumes, licenses, photos of past jobs into the Job Details. Once the Workers have been selected, the comments will be closed between the Worker(s) and Project Owner.





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