How to edit your Profile

Navigate to the Profile tab on the left hand side of your screen. From there you will be directed to your user profile where you may edit the following:

  • Profile picture 
  • LinkedIn
  • Skills 
  • Resume *Required
  • Bio *Required up to 100 characters 
  • Work Badges
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Attachments
  • Location *City and State required

Note: Filling out all of these features will increase your chances of getting hired!

When choosing a Profile picture, please provide a clear picture of just you, no filter or sunglasses, and look professional. This is the first thing a Company will see. 

Including your LinkedIn account is a good way to expand your network and showcase your credibility. 

The Skills section allows you to include several of your top qualities that reflect your work ethic and personality. 

You are given the option to upload your Resume. While it isn't mandatory, it is recommended so that potential Companies can review your certifications. Many Companies will request it if you do not have it available. This field is required. 

The Bio section is where you can showcase your personality and give a little bit of background on yourself. Consider sharing your hobbies, interests, and what you are looking for out of your next job. This field is required up to 100 characters. 

In the Work Badges section, you have the choice of obtaining a voluntary background check for any 1099 Tax Type jobs you apply for on the platform. Although you are working as an Independent Contractor for 1099 jobs, we simply give you the option to give a little more information for the potential Company. Each user is expected to pay for this optional Background Screen for 1099 jobs although the Screens are required and paid by the Employer of Record on all W-2 jobs. 

The Experience and Education field is meant to inform Companies on your educational path and previous work experience. 

The Attachments section acts as a portfolio. It gives you the chance to include any certifications and pictures to represent achievements, work done in the past, or anything you feel may help your chances of getting hired. screen_shot_2020-06-29_at_11-1.29.39_am.png



















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