Verification Email

Everyone that signs up on Band of Hands will receive a Verification Email that confirms the email address provided. Upon receipt, the new Member simply clicks on the provided link within the email to activate the email address and complete the sign up process.

Mobile Application


Although the email is designed to come within minutes of the new sign-up, occasionally servers, older email software versions, junk mail settings and various security settings may prevent the email from being received by the new member. 

Please allow up to 15 minutes for the Verification Email to arrive. Be sure to check Junk or Bulk mail folders for possible delivery there by your service provider. 

If certain actions are attempted on the platform before your email is verified, messages may appear as below: 

If you still have not received the email for verification after 15 minutes, click "Resend" in the Mobile Application as shown above. 

Website Application

The steps to Resend Verification Email on the Web App is similar to the Mobile App. If you try to Post and Apply for a Job, and your email has not yet been verified, the following screen will appear.


Simply click the blue "Resend Verification Email" button and a new verification email should arrive to your Inbox soon.  

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