What is Occupational Accident Insurance (OAI) and what does it cover?



What IS covered under OAI?

  • Medical Expenses $1,000,000 per person, per accident.
  • Lost Wages
    • Total Disability: $300 Weekly Income Benefit.
      7 Day Waiting Period (non-retroactive).
      104 Week Payment Period.
    • Permanent Total Disability: 12 Month Payment Period.
      $1,000 Monthly Benefit Maximum.
  • Accidental Death $250,000
  • Accidental Dismemberment $250,000


What is NOT covered?

  • Any work related illnesses


Are there any States where OAI is Not covered?

As of June 2018, OAI is not yet available in a few states: AK, CO, FL, ME, MD, WA, MO, NH and NY. Note that this is subject to change and we will update you as soon as it's made available.


Who is responsible for covering the cost of OAI?

Every Independent Contractor is responsible for covering the cost of OAI. The fee is a small amount per hour that is automatically deducted from your pay and is disclosed as a line item when you Apply for any job.


How much does OAI cost?

A small charge of $1.00/hour is deducted on all In-Person* Jobs job types. When applying to any In-Person job, you will see the OAI fee upfront that pertains to that job.

Breakdown -
OAI fee: $.95/hour
ICBA** Fee: $0.05/hour




* ICBA and OAI do not apply to "Online" Jobs. Workers who apply and complete an online job will not be charged the $1.00/hour fee.

** Covers Membership of ICBA (Independent Contractor's Benefit Association)


How do I add OAI to my job?

By signing up to be an Independent Contractor on the Band Of Hands platform, you will automatically have OAI on every job that you perform. See the Terms of Service for more.


Who do I contact if I was injured or had an accident on the job?

If you sustain any injuries while performing a job posted on the Band Of Hands platform, please contact our support team as soon as possible via email or phone.   858.284.3700




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