How to Create and Submit an Invoice (Mobile)

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The Band Of Hands platform is designed to have Workers "submit invoices" for hours worked but allow the Project to remain "Open" so the Project Owner can continue to use the same Job and Worker on an on-going basis. 

Here's how it works:

1. After the Project Owner posts the job, hires an Applicant, and the Worker has completed the agreed amount of hours and/or the first portion of the job, the Worker will "Submit Invoice" from their device or computer.



2. Once an invoice is submitted, the Project Owner should be notified and can go to "My Posts" in their account to see the invoice(s) awaiting payment. The Project Owner clicks "Pay" and checks the box of the invoice(s) to be paid.                        




3. The top section of the invoice reflects the Project Owner's Breakdown and gives an opportunity for them to tip the Worker.  The bottom half of the invoice is the Worker Breakdown detailing the net amount the Worker will receive. 

The Project Owner reviews the invoice, edits the hours if needed, and adds a tip if you wish!

If you choose to continue to use the Worker for this on-going job, simply tap the "Keep this job Open" toggle before tapping "Pay Invoice".




4. Once the Invoice has been paid, repeat the same steps to continue to pay the Worker throughout the time that they are still working on your Project. When you are finally ready to end the job, simply toggle the "Keep this job Open" to the off or no color position. An alert will advise the Project Owner that the job will be closing.




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