How do I Pay OR Create and Submit an invoice (Web Platform)

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As a Project Owner: How to Pay an Invoice

In order to pay your worker, the worker must first hit "Submit Invoice" from his/her Desktop or Mobile account.

1. Once the Worker has submitted their first invoice, you'll need to open the job by clicking "My Posts" and selecting the job.



2. Select the invoice you wish to pay by checking the boxes next to each invoice. You'll notice the "Pay Invoice" button will indicate how many invoices you're about to pay. Tap the "Pay Invoice" button.



3. Review the Worker's invoice + add a tip if you wish (workers keep 100% of the tip you add). You'll also be able to review the Total Job Cost which is how much you'll be paying as well as the breakdown of what the Worker will be making.

If you wish to continue to keep using the same worker for this on-going job, make sure the toggle for "Keep this Job Open is selected.




If you wish to fully close out the job, simply toggle the button off and rate your Worker followed by selecting the blue "Pay Worker" Button.





As a Worker: How to Create and Submit an Invoice

In order to get paid once you've completed the job at hand, you'll need to submit an invoice to the Project Owner which will alert them that you're ready to get paid.


1. Open up the Job Posting by tapping on "My Jobs" and finding the title of the job you worked.



2. Once you find and open the job, you'll want to select "Submit Invoice"




3. If needed, tap on "Edit" to edit the hours you worked. Next Hit "Request Payment". A notification will get sent to the Project Owner letting them know that you've submitted an invoice that they will then need to review.



(After submitting an invoice)



4. You'll receive an email notification once the Invoice has been approved. You'll also see a "Paid" icon appear next to your invoice.




5. If this is an on-going job, you'll be able to submit another invoice by repeating the same steps.












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