How to Apply to a Job

Once you have selected the job(s) you feel are a good fit for you, simply tap the blue Apply button in the job details.



  1. After tapping Agree & Apply, the Company will be notified of your interest in the role and your Profile will appear in their feed. They will then review your profile and if they have questions, message you in the app.  Or the Job Owners may simply reach out to you via phone/email depending on the settings you have chosen.                 screen_shot_2020-06-26_at_10.39.56_am.png


2. When you are hired for the job, a Text or Email notification will be sent to you immediately. If this is a W-2 job,  our Payrolling partner, Capital Talent Partners will send you an email requesting that you complete the required on-boarding paperwork which will take you approximately 10-15 minutes to complete on your first job with Band Of Hands. Future jobs will process much faster but the process allows you to be paid by the Friday following a complete week of work. Whether you work one or ten W-2 jobs in a week, there will be only one payment from CTP. 

3. If you Apply and are hired for any 1099 job, the Worker is required to Invoice the Job Owner for hours worked. The interval and frequency of those Invoices should be agreed upon by the Worker and Job Owner before the job begins. The Submit Invoice feature can be found within the job details. 

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