What do I do after I Hire a Worker?

What to do after you Hire a W-2 Worker?


After reviewing the profiles and qualifications of applicants for your job, click the “Hire” tab next to the individual(s) you selected to perform the work. If you are hiring for a W-2 job, the applicant will immediately be alerted to complete and submit the new hire paperwork, which includes a Background Check screening. This on-boarding process may take up to 48 hours for approval, but for individuals that perform reoccurring W-2 work on the platform, some of the paperwork may already be on file with the Employer of Record and shorten the on-boarding requirements.

After Hiring for the job, you as the Business or Poster will see the selected Workers status change to “Hired-Pending”. Once the individual(s) has been W-2 approved on the platform, you will see their status change to “In progress” in the your job details.

You can communicate with the hired Workers in the Comments section of the job at anytime to give them specific details you would like to share. Once the approved Worker starts the Work, they are expected to complete the task(s) that you've described. As W-2 Workers, they are required to submit invoices at least once a week or by 5 PM Friday of each week, depending on the duration of the agreed upon job. The Workers submit their invoice to the Project Owner directly in the job details, which you will receive alerts and notifications when invoices are submitted. Review the invoice, add an optional tip, adjust hours and either leave the job open for future invoicing or fully close the job. to leave a Project Review for the worker.





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