How to edit Company Profiles

Once a registered user adds a Company name, it is recommended they edit the Company Profile tab on the left hand side of your screen. Here the registered user will become the administrator of the Company account and will be able to edit the following:

  • Profile picture
  • Company Domain
  • About 
  • Attachments

When choosing a Profile picture for a Company account, it is best to use the Company logo or a picture of your Company's physical location or building.  This will help Workers that want to become familiar with your Company and help increase chances of getting applicants. 

Including a link to the Company Website is another way to expand knowledge of your operation and  showcase your business. 

About is an area to give more details about the type of business the Company represents, description of the clients it serves, and types of jobs that the business utilizes. If the website link already has About details, yo u can place a link to that page here, or copy some of the content for the Profile on Band Of Hands.

 Attachments  A Company may want to attach specific documents that outline access to the building or work area, dress requirements, contact info when reporting to work, or any relevant information that workers will need to know before applying or reporting to their premises. Currently the file format needs to be a .pdf while images may work depending on the size of the file.  




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